Mike Pompeo and His Wife Used State Department Resources to Arrange Political Events While Mulling Senate Run, Emails Show

Photo credit: Alastair Pike, AFP/Getty Images.

State department employees were asked to organize political events in 2019 for then Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, according to a whistleblower and emails newly obtained by McClatchy. Some of the emails show Susan Pompeo, the secretary’s wife, asking State department employees to arrange gatherings in Kansas, where her husband had served as a congressman from 2011 to 2017.

In early 2019, Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) announced he would not seek reelection in 2020, prompting a scramble for the Republican nomination. As Secretary of State, Pompeo made four official visits to Kansas in 2019. Until then, he had made just one since joining the Trump administration in 2017, according to
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