Joy Reid Drops Epic Response to ‘Lil’ Tucker Carlson’ Calling Her ‘The Race Lady’: Are You Jealous I Went to Harvard?

MSNBC’s Joy Reid responded to Tucker Carlson calling her “the race lady” multiple times on his Fox News program recently, with an epic rant that slammed Carlson for the college he attended, being rejected by the CIA, acting like “a segregationist housewife from the 1950s,” and being the reason that America is in an “endless Covid hell.”

Reid started the discussion by quipping that she doesn’t “spend a lot of time watching Fox News, or the ‘BS’ factory as CNN’s Jim Acosta more colorfully dubbed them this weekend.”

“Personally, I prefer my news and information to be based in reality, rather than monetizing my amygdala to keep me on edge and buying My Pillows and gold,” Reid gratefully
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