Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Trump for Roasting Mitt Romney in a MEMO: ‘We’ll Make Sure to Fax it’ to Him

Jimmy Kimmel went after Donald Trump on Monday night, following the former president’s insult-ridden memo to Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT).

Trump’s memo came after Romney was booed at the Utah GOP convention while appearing before Republican delegates at the Maverik Center this weekend.

“Oh yeah, you can boo all you like, but I’ve been a Republican all my life,” Romney told the crowd. “My dad was a governor of Michigan, my dad worked for Republican candidates that he believed in. I worked for Republicans across the country, and if you don’t recall, I was the Republican nominee for president in 2012.”

The senator went as far as to ask the audience members if they’re “embarrassed” by their actions.

“No, they’re not embarrassed,” Kimmel reasoned. “Like their leader,
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