Stephen A. Smith Rips LeBron For Insulting NBA Playoff Format: ‘You Weren’t Saying This When You Were a Top Seed’

LeBron James isn’t happy with the NBA’s decision to add a play-in tournament to their postseason format, but ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith said it’s only because the superstar never expected he’d be competing in it!

In an attempt to boost revenue after a dismal finish to the 2019-20 season, the NBA decided to create a Play-In Tournament featuring teams seeded 7-10 in each conference. Friday night, LeBron blasted the tournament, “whoever came up with that sh*t needs to be fired,” he angrily said in his postgame press conference.

But if we flashback one year, LeBron was in favor of a play-in tournament and even suggested the idea of using it to determine the bottom seeds in the 2020
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