Insane Starbucks Order Goes Viral as Coffee-Lovers Gawk at the Ridiculous Add-Ons: ‘Who on Earth Wants to Drink Something Like This?’

Naomi Baker/Getty Images

A Starbucks employee shared an insanely decadent and complicated order on Twitter, prompting some hilarious reactions from coffee lovers and baristas.

The drink, ordered via mobile app by “Edward,” consisted of five bananas, extra caramel drizzle, extra whipped cream, extra ice, extra cinnamon, seven pumps of caramel sauce, extra caramel crunch, one pump of honey blend, seven frappuccino chips, heavy cream, extra salted “bm btr,” and five pumps of “Frap rst” coffee. Of course, they requested that the drink also be double blended.

On todays episode of why i wanna quit my job.

— Josie (@ProjectJosiee) May 2, 2021

“On today’s episode of why I wanna quit my job,” wrote the employee alongside
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