Candace Owens Tweet Deeming Covid a Hoax Because of India Ages Horribly

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

In April 2020, conservative talk show host Candace Owens tweeted about Covid-19 cases in India … and it did not age well.

“Two weeks ago I told you all that India was the country to watch as millions of their workers were stranded along the railroad—no means of social distancing. India has just 169 deaths,” she wrote, implying that the country had essentially avoided Covid-19 despite a lack of social distancing. “Reported its first case in January.”

Owens also sarcastically — in all-caps — added that the coronavirus is “10 TIMES MORE DEADLY THAN THE FLU, BRO!” very much implying that it is not a more lethal virus.

Two weeks ago I told you all that India was
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