‘What the Hell Was That?’ Jimmy Kimmel Torches Tucker Carlson’s ‘Villain’ Cackle

Jimmy Kimmel could not get over Tucker Carlson’s “villain” like cackle on Wednesday night — questioning if a human could even make a sound like that.

Kimmel noted that after Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all three counts for the murder of George Floyd many pundits and other Americans spoke, “powerfully and passionately about the verdicts and their significance yesterday,” adding, “but none spoke less eloquently than Tucker Carlson of Fox News.”

Carlson opened his Tuesday night show by claiming that the jury’s verdict was not guilty but “please don’t hurt us.”

The Fox host also abruptly cut off Ed Gavin, a former deputy sheriff at the New York City’s Sheriff’s Department, when he described the way Chauvin murdered Floyd as “savagery.”

Carlson did
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