The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper Shares Shocking, Never Before Seen Capitol Insurrection Footage: ‘A Mix of the Scary and the Absurd’ 

On Monday night, The Daily Show released shocking, never-before-seen footage from the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, as correspondent and frequent MAGA rally goer Jordan Klepper was on the ground that day.

Before getting to the big day, The Daily Show special, Jordan Klepper Fingers The Pulse – Into The MAGAverse, aired footage from past rallies, Klepper narrating and reflecting on his wild, MAGA filled 2020.

Klepper’s special concluded with footage from the insurrection, showing viewers what the day looked like “from the point of view of a guy who was just there to find some laughs.”

Remembering the wild and tense atmosphere, Klepper said he began feeling unnerved the night before, as he heard Donald Trump supporters pushing conspiracy theories
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