Kayleigh McEnany — Who Worked for Trump — Scolds Biden for Weighing in on Chauvin: The President Shouldn’t ‘Inflame Tensions’

Kayleigh McEnany, who used to work as Donald Trump’s press secretary, went off on President Joe Biden for weighing in on the Derek Chauvin trial — insisting that presidents should refrain from inflaming tensions.

“I’m glad that he at least waited until the jury was sequestered. But I think that the country is such a tinderbox right now, especially Minneapolis,” said McEnany on Tuesday’s Outnumbered. “There’s so much hurt, so much pain. And I think it’s the role of the president of the United States to stay back, to not inflame the tensions.”

McEnany was referring to comments Biden made regarding the trial on Tuesday, during which he said he was “praying the verdict is the right verdict,” heavily suggesting he endorsed a guilty
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