Death toll piles up at border as migrant surge grows

Homeland Security this weekend reported three more deaths of people in Border Patrol custody, part of a grim and growing tally as the border “crisis” evolves.

One person was killed while running across Highway 281 after fleeing a vehicle that had just been stopped by a Border Patrol agent. The person’s nationality was not yet known.

The driver was a juvenile U.S. citizen, and is being charged in Texas court, the Border Patrol said.

The two other deaths were both attributed to medical distress, agents said.

One was part of a group of migrants that was crossing the Rio Grande near Hidalgo on Thursday. The woman came across with one adult daughter and two minor children, and when agents found her she was incoherent.

Agents said they rushed her to a location where an ambulance could meet her, and she was taken to a local hospital, but died Friday.

The children were being cared
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