‘I Drowned Them’: In Jailhouse TV Interview, ‘Social Justice Warrior’ Admits She ‘Softly’ Killed Her Three Kids to Save Them from ‘Human Trafficking’

Liliana Carrillo, a self-proclaimed “social justice warrior” who is currently behind bars in California as the “sole suspect” in the deaths of her three children, admitted in an explosive interview with KGET-TV reporter Eytan Wallace that she drowned all three of her children in order to save them from what she believed would be a lifetime of being “continuously tortured and abused” by their own father in an alleged human trafficking ring.  In the interview, Carrillo admitted that a list of officials at various levels of government and the father of her children had all told her she was “crazy” long before she said she killed the kids to “protect them.”  Relatives described Carrillo as
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