Boehner Says ‘America First Caucus’ Is ‘One of the Nuttiest Things I’ve Ever Seen’

Former Speaker John Boehner said the “America First Caucus” is “one of the nuttiest things” he’s ever seen.

Chuck Todd asked Boehner about his blunt criticisms of the Republican party and whether he holds any responsibility for how the GOP has changed.

Boehner claimed he “did everything I could” to “push back,” and said, “Most of those so-called Tea Party types, frankly, became very good Republicans.”

Todd asked, then, if Republican leaders like him liked the energy some of these members were bringing to the party, which led them to “ignore the downside until it was too late.”

Todd then brought up the “America First Caucus” that got a lot of attention in the past few days.

Punchbowl News reported on plans for
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