Pat Robertson Does Taser/Glock Demo On Air, Goes OFF on Cops: ‘We Don’t Have the Finest in the Police Department’

700 Club host and evangelical leader Pat Robertson demonstrated the difference between a Glock handgun and a Taser on air, then let loose a rant against the “onslaught” of police violence that he chalked up to a low-quality and poorly-paid workforce.

Following a news report on the arrest of former police officer Kim Potter for the killing of Daunte Wright, Robertson and co-host Terry Meeuwsen used visual aids to discuss Potter’s claim that she mistook her sidearm for a Taser.

“There’s just no comparison,” Robertson said, wielding plastic models of each weapon, and added “Now how she made the difference, when she shot that poor guy to death, saying this is what I thought was my Taser. And if
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