Dr. Fauci Dismisses Tucker Carlson’s Suggestion that Vaccines Don’t Work: ‘Just a Typical Crazy Conspiracy Theory’

Dr. Anthony Fauci pushed back on Tucker Carlson after the Fox News host dangerously suggested Tuesday night that Covid-19 vaccines might not work. “That is just a typical crazy conspiracy theory,” Fauci dismissed before asking, rhetorically “Why would we not tell people if it doesn’t work? Look at the data.”

Following news that the FDA has called on a pause of the J&J vaccination, Carlson suggested that the real reason public health officials are still advising vaccinated people to be cautious is that the vaccines don’t work “and they’re simply not telling you that.”

“We’ve heard an awful lot about the coronavirus vaccine over the last several months. It’s a massive achievement as a scientific matter, something all Americans
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