John Oliver Puts Biden on Blast Over Unfulfilled Immigration Reform Promises: ‘Pick Up a F*cking Pen and Do the Right Thing’

John Oliver went after President Joe Biden’s unfulfilled immigration reform promises on Sunday, reminding his viewers that Biden “ran on a platform that included reversing Trump’s policies.”

“The U.S. used to be a world leader in how many refugees we accepted, but this fucking guy,” he said on Last Week Tonight, pointing to a photo of Donald Trump before revealing that the former president slashed admissions down t a historic low of 15,000 a year.

“He also added discriminatory eligibility categories that have blocked many Muslim and African refugees from coming to the U.S.,” Oliver added before noting that Biden promised to reverse Trump’s policies while he was running for president.

Despite the promise, Biden has still not signed the Presidential Determination on Refugee
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