Chris Wallace Confronts Buttigieg for Misrepresenting Job Growth of Biden Infrastructure Plan: ‘Why Mislead Folks?’

Fox News’ Chris Wallace put Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg through a tough round of questions for overselling the jobs impact from the Biden administration’s infrastructure plan.

As Buttigieg appeared on Fox News Sunday to defend the American Jobs Plan, Wallace pointed out that he claimed last week the program would lead to the creation of 19 million jobs. However, Wallace noted that Buttigieg was quoting from a Moody’s Analytics study which found that the economy is expected to add 16.3 million jobs, and only 2.7 million on top of that thanks to the infrastructure bill.

“So it doesn’t, as you said last Sunday, create 19 million jobs,” Wallace said. “Why mislead folks?”

“Well, you’re right, I should have been more
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