One-third of coronavirus survivors diagnosed with brain condition

About one-third of COVID-19 survivors have a neurological or psychiatric condition six months later, a large-sample study conducted by British researchers has found.

Researchers examined health records of more than 236,000 patients. They found that about 34% of COVID-19 survivors were diagnosed with a neurological or psychiatric condition and were more likely to develop brain conditions than those suffering from other respiratory tract infections, according to the study published Tuesday in The Lancet Psychiatry journal.

The incidence of brain conditions was even higher for those with severe COVID-19, say the researchers, who hail from the University of Oxford: Nearly 39% of patients who were hospitalized, 46% of those admitted to intensive care and 62% of those with encephalopathy (any brain disease that alters brain function or structure) were diagnosed with a neurological or psychiatric condition.

Anxiety was the most common condition, diagnosed in 17% of patients. Fourteen percent of patients experienced
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