Jon Meacham’s Promising Rant About ‘Nascent Fascism’ Devolves Into an Incoherent List of Obscure References

Former Newsweek Editor in Chief and current historian at some august southern college Jon Meacham warned the nation of Morning Joe viewers that we are very much still in a battle with nascent fascism in the United States.

Unfortunately, that was the only salient and even coherent point made during his Thursday morning appearance on Morning Joe, which otherwise featured a word salad of obscure references that seemed designed only to impress viewers, in much the same way a middle schooler relies on a Thesaurus to try to impress a teacher with big words in an otherwise unimpressive essay.

There is no question that Meacham is in the 99.9th percentile in wordsmithery. He has published many well-received books, written speeches
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