Fox News Insiders Troubled by Pompeo Hire: ‘Nauseating’ and ‘Needless’

Fox News announced Thursday that former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will join the network as a contributor. Pompeo is the latest in a line of former President Donald Trump officials hired by the network, and while the news isn’t particularly surprising, Fox staffers reacted with a mix of frustration, disgust, and resignation.

“Oh get the fuck out of here,” said one Fox insider, who had not heard the news, when Mediaite informed them that Pompeo had been hired.

“Nauseating,” they added. “This is so needless. He would have come on the channel anyway.”

“He’s obviously just trying to get more exposure before his 2024 run,” another staffer said.

Pompeo’s possible run for future office has been the subject of Read more…

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