Cyberpunk shooter Turbo Overkill finally gives players a chainsaw leg

Even if you’re feeling a bit fatigued by neon-lit cyberpunk aesthetics in your video games, you have to give newcomer Turbo Overkill credit for a key combat innovation: It has a chainsaw leg. In Trigger Happy Interactive’s new fast-paced first-person shooter, your leg can turn into a chainsaw. Pair that with Vanquish-style power-sliding, and you’ve got what looks like a fun Doom-inspired shooter on your radar.

Turbo Overkill looks like a cybernetic murder ballet in its debut gameplay trailer. The player, as a violent killing machine tasked with cleaning up the streets of Neo-paradise, can wall run, double jump, air dash, and chainsaw slide. They can also shoot many guns.

The game proudly wears its
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