Fauci Dismisses ‘Bizarre’ Attacks from GOP Lawmakers: ‘I Have More Important Things to Do Than Worry About That’

Dr. Anthony Fauci responded Friday to criticism he’s received from several Republican lawmakers and others.

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto started by asking him about Johns Hopkins Professor Dr. Marty Makary, who swiped at Fauci this week saying his herd immunity forecast is too cautious.

Fauci said Makary is “completely misunderstanding” his point and said, “Regarding being too cautious, we want to make sure that when we make recommendations, we do it on the basis of the science.”

Cavuto asked him about his previous comments on potentially wearing masks into 2022.

Fauci responded that he was “taken totally out of context” and said he’s viewing it as within the realm of possibility, not something that’s definitely going to happen.

“We’re playing this game
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