Politico Hammered By Journalists and Progressives for Saying Trump Was Transparent About Border Detention: ‘Unmitigated Bullsh*t’

John Moore/Getty Images

Journalists, progressives and others hammered Politico for a Playbook item that cast the Trump administration as having been more transparent than that of President Joe Biden on the issue of migrant detention at the southern border, particularly with regard to unaccompanied minors.

Wednesday morning’s Playbook featured an item contrasting the two administrations’ approaches to transparency at the border, and quoting ex-Trump senior advisor Stephen Miller:

WHEN A CRISIS IS YOUR MESSAGING — It’s a tale of two immigration messages: The Biden administration continues to get flak for barring press access to detention facilities at the border; the Trump administration basically begged press to come to the border. The Biden administration has downplayed the
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