WATCH: Tiffany Cross Delivers BLISTERING Commentary on Sharon Osbourne and Her ‘Complicity to White Supremacy’

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross delivered a blistering rebuke to Sharon Osbourne over her on-air meltdown and its subsequent fallout.

Last week, Osbourne lashed out at her co-hosts on the CBS chat show The Talk as she tried to defend her defense of Piers Morgan, eventually demanding that co-host Sheryl Underwood not cry, and screaming at her to “Educate me!” on the accusations of racism that Morgan faces from the public.

On Saturday morning’s edition of The Cross Connection, Ms. Cross devoted a few minutes to a different sort of “education” than Osbourne asked for, unloading with a lacerating three minutes:

As we commemorate Women’s History Month I thought it might be a great time to talk about sisterhood.

Not long ago I was speaking at
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