Piers Morgan Once Showed Off Personal Roll of Piers Morgan Toilet Paper Seconds Before Calling Meghan Markle ‘Narcissist’

Piers Morgan once thirstily showed off his own personal roll of toilet paper with his face printed on it — seconds before calling Meghan Markle a narcissist.

Piers Morgan’s storm-off and Sharon Osbourne’s related meltdown this week were revealing in a number of ways. Osbourne would go on to apologize for her “panicked” defense of Morgan on CBS’ The Talk, while Morgan demanded an apology from the show for discussing and endorsing the accusations of racism against him.

And since the whole episode made Morgan viable as content again for a hot second, here’s something else revealing: Morgan is such a bone-dry attention sponge, he once happily showed off a roll of toilet paper with his own face printed
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