CBS Investigating Sharon Osbourne Meltdown Episode of The Talk as Osbourne Claims Producers Set Her Up

CBS has announced they will investigate the episode of The Talk that resulted in a viral meltdown by co-host Sharon Osbourne, as Osbourne separately claimed the show ambushed her with the segment on her defense of Piers Morgan.

The story so far: On Tuesday, Osbourne lashed out at her co-hosts on the CBS chat show The Talk as she tried to defend her defense of Piers Morgan, eventually demanding that Sheryl Underwood not cry, and screaming at her to “Educate me!” on the accusations of racism that Morgan faces from the public.

During that episode, Osbourne repeatedly and vociferously professed her non-racism, devolving into profanity as Underwood tossed to a commercial break.

When the show returned, Osbourne was in mid-browbeat with Underwood.

“I’ll ask you again,
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