WATCH: Sharon Osbourne Has EPIC Meltdown Live On Air, Screams at Black Co-Host to ‘Educate Me!’ on Piers Morgan’s Racism

Sharon Osbourne lashed out at her co-hosts on the CBS chat show The Talk as she tried to defend her defense of Piers Morgan, eventually demanding that Sheryl Underwood not cry, and screaming at her to “Educate me!” on the accusations of racism that Morgan faces from the public.

It all started Tuesday when Osbourne, Underwood, and fellow cohosts Elaine Welteroth and Amanda Kloots watched Morgan’s own walkoff meltdown on Good Morning Britain, and Osbourne offered her reaction.

Osbourne didn’t offer much of a defense for Morgan, calling his actions “childish,” but defended his right to his opinion and chalked Morgan’s vendetta against Meghan Markle to personal pique and his upbringing as a “royalist.”

Underwood closed out the segment by
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