Chris Hayes Says Trump-RNC Fundraising Beef Fueled by ‘Neurosis’: He ‘Hates the Notion Anyone’s Making Money Off of Him’

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes weighed in on the ongoing beef between Donald Trump and several Republican Party fundraising committees, noting the former president’s “neurosis” over those entities using his image to pull in donations.

Moderating a panel between former Trump biographer Tim O’Brien and Never-Trump Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, the MSNBC host dug into how Trump is actively monetizing his post-presidency — possibly at the expense of his own party’s campaign fundraising.

Over the past few days, Trump has engaged in a very public fight with the Republican party committees, firing a shot across the bow of the GOP over the weekend by sending a cease-and-desist letter over its use of his name and image in donor appeals. The GOP (indirectly) responded a day later, claiming that the former
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