WATCH: CNN’s Pamela Brown Confronts San Diego Teacher’s Union President Over Reluctance to Reopen Schools in April

CNN Newsroom anchor Pamela Brown asked pressing questions of the president of the San Diego teacher’s union about their demands for all teachers to be fully vaccinated from Covid-19 before reopening schools this coming April, noting that that was stricter than the current guidance from the CDC.

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) “is forking over billions of incentives to encourage schools to reopen, but not everyone is sold,” said Brown, before introducing Kisha Borden, president of the San Diego Education Association.

The San Diego School Board president had set April 12 of this year as a “target date” to reopen schools, Brown said, asking Borden what she thought about that proposal.

Borden replied that her union supported reopening only after far stricter requirements
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