‘Ultimate Grift’: MSNBC Panelist Calls Out Republicans for Hyping Cancel Culture to Milk Donors ‘Like a Human ATM Machine’

Former GOP committee spokesperson Kurt Bardella called out the Republican Party’s obsession with so-called cancel culture as an attempt to manufacture outrage that both distracts from the ongoing Covid pandemic and keeps fueling donations from its grassroots supporters.

During an appearance on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House on Friday, the NBC News contributing columnist offered his scathing response to guest host Jason Johnson.

“Talking about cancel culture,” Johnson said. “The other thing that I think is missed in these cultural arguments is that it’s being used to fundraise, that Republicans, when they are not providing people people with a $15 dollar minimum wage, are then going to them and saying, send me $25, send me $100 to battle cancel culture. So really is this just boiling down
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