Chris Hayes Condemns Gov. Cuomo’s ‘Lying’ and ‘Manipulation’ of Nursing Home Death Data: ‘That Is Indefensible’

In a sign of how far the New York governor’s reputation has fallen from 2020, MSNBC host Chris Hayes analogized Andrew Cuomo’s data manipulation about the impact of Covid to comments from former President Donald Trump about covid numbers early on.

During the Friday edition of All In, Hayes pointed to a bombshell report from Thursday. Per the New York Times, Cuomo aides intervened and made changes to a New York state health report on the Covid pandemic last summer, excising the conclusion that the state had suffered 9,000 nursing home deaths, a figure that reportedly “alarmed” the governor’s team. That comes just weeks after a Cuomo aide sent shockwaves through the state by privately admitting to New York Democratic legislators that the administration withheld data
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