Joe Biden Lauds Indian-Americans Like Mars Rover Scientist Swati Mohan and VP Kamala Harris: They’re ‘Taking Over the Country’

President Joe Biden lauded Americans of Indian descent during a call with the NASA Mars Rover team, singling out leading scientist Dr. Swati Mohan and placing her in the company of Vice President Kamala Harris and White House speechwriter Vinay Reddy.

On Thursday, the President spoke to the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab Perseverance Rover Team to congratulate them on the success of their mission. But a beaming Biden had an obvious favorite, repeatedly asking when he’d get to hear from Dr. Mohan, who is the Guidance, Navigation, and Controls (GN&C) Operations Lead for the team.

“Now, am I supposed to speak or is Swati going to say something? I was told I was going to hear from Swati,” Biden said
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