NY Times Columnist David Brooks Promoted Facebook-Funded Project in Columns, Didn’t Disclose Second Salary: Report

New York Times columnist David Brooks is drawing a salary work he is doing for the Aspen Institute, Buzzfeed News reported Thursday.

“The Aspen Institute declined to say how much it pays Brooks, but confirmed that ‘as chair of the Weave project, he is a staff member at the Aspen Institute,’” the Buzzfeed report said.

In 2018, Brooks created Weave: The Social Fabric Project, a nonprofit that supports “hyperlocal community builders.” It is affiliated with the Aspen Institute, a nonprofit think tank, which has confirmed to Buzzfeed that Weave had received funding from Facebook, as well as other donors.

“The amount and timing of Facebook’s funding, which had not been previously reported, combined with Brooks’s promotion of Weave
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