‘The Court Need Look No Further’: Federal Prosecutors Use ‘QAnon Shaman’s’ News Interview Boast Against Him

Federal prosecutors are using so-called “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley’s own words against him in a court document which aim to keep Chansley behind bars pending trial.

Chansley filed an emergency motion to be released from jail in late February. In it, his attorney, Al Watkins, argued that Chansley was “immediately and fully forthcoming” with federal law enforcement officers and exhibited a “high degree of cooperation” while submitting to interviews without the presence of an attorney. The motion further argued that Chansley’s alleged weapon wasn’t really a “spear” — which is what the government had alleged. Rather, Chansley’s lawyer asserted that the alleged weapon was merely a flag pole with a decorative finial.

The characterization is legally important. If the government successfully
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