Fox News Anchor Suggests Armed Robbery of Lady Gaga’s Dogs was a Hoax: ‘Hmm, I Don’t Know What’s Going on There…’

After Lady Gaga’s dog walker Ryan Fischer released a statement regarding the armed robbery of the pop star’s french bulldogs, during which Fischer was shot in the chest, Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer suggested that incident was a hoax.

“Years ago we had this thing called a ‘Hooey card,’” Hemmer told co-host Dana Perino of the robbery, referencing a board game that markets itself as being “Full of Bulloney.”

“I’m not throwing it yet,” Hemmer added. “I’m just saying, I mean it’s possible.”

Three of Gaga’s dogs, along with her dog walker Fischer, were involved in an armed robbery last week, during which dogs Koji and Gustavo were kidnapped while Miss Asia Kinney managed to escape.

Fischer was shot in the chest at
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