Chris Hayes Calls Out Gov. Cuomo’s Intimidation Tactics Amid Widening Sexual Harassment Scandal: ‘Don’t Vote for Bullies’

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes revealed what is an open secret in the political world: Gov. Andrew Cuomo is a vindictive, strong-arming bully. And he told viewers: “Don’t vote for bullies if you can avoid it.”

Hayes took aim at New York’s top Democrats during a Monday night segment of All In, amid what has become a widening sexual harassment scandal for the three-term governor. Hayes delivered his monologue in the wake of one former Cuomo aide firing back at the governor’s caveated apology to her allegations he sexually harassed her, calling on him to “take responsibility for his predatory behavior.” Hours later, just before the MSNBC host went on air, a third woman accused Cuomo of making aggressive, unwanted advances at her wedding
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