Joe Scarborough Goes OFF on ‘Ivy League Brats’ Cruz and Hawley: The ‘Anti-Intellectual BS is So Shameless You Humiliate Yourselves!’

Frequent viewers of Morning Joe are well aware of the abject animus that Joe Scarborough holds toward Senators Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, and John Kennedy. His anger towards these Republican politicians was in full bloom on Monday morning after many CPAC speeches in which these, and other GOP senators, painted themselves as plain-spoken comment folk fighting on behalf of blue-collar Republican voters against so-called “country club” Democrats.

Cruz, Hawley, and Sen. Tom Cotton spoke at CPAC this weekend, and each hit appeared to try to paint Republicans as the party of blue jeans and beer. But as Scarborough noted, most of these guys went to the very best Universities globally, while former President Donald Trump is living post-presidency
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