Hyatt Hotel Faces Brutal Calls From Liberals To Boycott Their Franchise After Hosting CPAC: ‘Would Rather Sleep On The Street’

The hotel franchise Hyatt is under fire from liberals on Twitter over hosting the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this weekend at their Hyatt Regency property in Orlando, Florida.

For many who are calling for Hyatt to be boycotted or pledging to no longer book accommodations at their properties, the problem lies in the hotel allowing CPAC’s 2021 stage to remain present resembling an “Odal rune” Nazi symbol, but also due to the hotel even granting the Trump supporters to gather at the hotel.

2021 CPAC Stage

Even with CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp strongly denying that the stage had any Nazi symbolism on Saturday night, calls for boycotts continued, as many argued the damage had already been done.

Hyatt appeared
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