Fauci Addresses Hesitancy About Johnson & Johnson Vaccine: ‘There Are Three Highly Efficacious Vaccines’

The FDA officially authorized use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine this weekend, and Dr. Anthony Fauci hailed the development on Sunday as he told CNN’s Dana Bash the U.S. now has three highly effective vaccines.

The J&J vaccine is single-dose, and Bash asked about how it’s shown to be very effective, but not as effective as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines.

Fauci responded to try and assuage people’s concerns:

“In order to really compare vaccines, you have to compare them head-to-head. These were not compared head-to-head. The message that needs to prevail, Dana, is that there are three highly efficacious vaccines. I can tell you I have been fully vaccinated with one that was available, it was the Moderna. If
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