WATCH: QAnon Supporters Tell CNN Reporter in Shocking Segment They’re Hoping for Myanmar-Like Military Coup to Reinstall Trump

CNN reporter Donie O’Sullivan dug into the latest moving of the goal posts in the QAnon conspiracy world, with some of its true believers brushing off the inconvenient fact of President Joe Biden as a historical aberration that will hopefully be soon swept away and replaced by Donald Trump after a Myanmar-like military coup.

Appearing on AC 360 on Friday night, the network’s extremist beat correspondent offered up a new video from a recent QAnon-Trump rally in Ventura, California.

In a discussion with an elderly woman sitting in a lawn chair, O’Sullivan pressed her on the incessant failed predictions of Q and the lack of promised public arrests and executions.

“They keep saying that. For years, and it’s not happened,” the CNN reported pointed out.

“It hasn’t been
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