Maskless Right Wing Influencer Ejected by Cops From CPAC Tells Newsmax He Was ‘Specifically Targeted’ by Hyatt

Conservative influencer Rogan O’Handley appeared on Newsmax TV on Saturday to discuss his forcible removal from CPAC in Orlando over not wearing a Covid mask. Popular conservative YouTube broadcaster Austen Fletcher was also removed, and video and photos of the incidents were shared on Twitter.

“We were told by the multiple sheriff’s deputies that were summoned to us by Hyatt security that if we didn’t leave, we would be arrested,” said the conservative activist in his interview with Newsmax. “They’re very strict on mask policy, particularly on media row.”

O’Handley said he generally “obliged” the policy, but had it off at that time for photos with his many “young, bright-eyed, conservative youth kids” who came up to him. He showed
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