Chris Hayes Compares GOP’s Gun Imagery to Bin Laden, Cuban Rebels, IRA: It Signals ‘Violent Overthrow of the Government’

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes drew a direct line between the politicized gun imagery being deployed by current, high-profile Republicans and a long history of terrorists and revolutionaries similarly centering firearms and weaponry in their symbolism.

During his Tuesday night show, the MSNBC host played recent clips of Donald Trump Jr. and Rep. Lauren Boebert (CO) ostentatiously posing in front of backgrounds decorated with multiple handguns or assault-style rifles. (And in Boebert’s case, it involved leaving two, conspicuously loaded high-velocity assault rifles out in the open in a home with four children.)

“The use of guns in that way, as props, and the implicit threat that comes with them has a long, not necessarily great history among various movements around the globe,” Hayes noted.

Osama bin Laden, for one, liked to
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