Kamala Harris Draws Attention for Sale of $800K Condo at ‘Huge’ Profit — That’s Actually Well Below Median

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Multiple media outlets are reporting that Vice President Kamala Harris has reached a deal to sell her San Francisco condominium for a “huge profit,” despite the fact that her return on investment is actually relatively low for the area.

The sale of the vice president’s San Francisco home has been reported on for the past few days with varying degrees of hype. The Wall Street Journal‘s headline was the relatively anodyne “Kamala Harris Is Selling Her San Francisco Apartment.”

Another, from MarketWatch, noted that the property was “just sold for a profit.”

Take a look inside Vice President Kamala Harris’ San Francisco condo that just sold for a profit https://t.co/PCToawZPxZ

— MarketWatch
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