Joe Scarborough Openly Laughs at Sen. John Kennedy’s ‘Corn Pone’ Routine Asking Merrick Garland if He Is Racist

Joe Scarborough could not contain his laughter after watching a clip of Senator John Kennedy asking Judge Merrick Garland “Am I a racist?” during a Senate confirmation hearing that occurred Monday.

The Morning Joe segment opened with clips of Senators Josh Hawley and Kennedy asking Garland politically-charged yet simplistic questions about “defunding the police” and implicit bias, respectively, which Garland was able to parry quite easily, and even score some points with his rejoinders.

Over the past several weeks, Scarborough has repeatedly blamed Senator Hawley for the deadly insurrection that occurred on January 6th, a point which he makes in the segment above, but it was his open mockery of Senator Kennedy and his “cornpone routine” that stands
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