Chris Cuomo Repeatedly Slaps Down ‘Widespread Fraud’ Claims by Schlapp: ‘You Really Want the Conservative Movement to Be Made on the Back of a Lie?’

Nearly four months after the 2020 election, the chair of the American Conservative Union — which hosts the high-profile CPAC event later this week — continued to push false and misleading election fraud claims in solidarity with Donald Trump’s “big lie” narrative.

In a lengthy, running verbal battle, ACU chair Matt Schlapp continually tried to perpetuate these same, debunked claims and CNN host Chris Cuomo repeatedly stepped in to correct and shoot down the lies and misinformation.

During his Monday night show, Cuomo began by asking Schlapp to answer for hosting Trump at his Florida confab this coming weekend, saying that giving the former president such a platform at CPAC is “tacitly endorsing his election farce.”

“I don’t known what that means,” Schlapp responded.

“Well, he lied about
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