WATCH: House Financial Services Committee Holds Hearing on GameStop

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The House Financial Services Committee is set to convene at noon on Thursday to hold a hearing on the January ordeal involving GameStop’s surging stock price.

Witnesses will include Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev; Citadel CEO Ken Griffin; Melvin Capital CEO Gabriel Plotkin; Reddit CEO Steve Huffman; and Keith Gill, the trader who goes by “Raging Kitty” on the Reddit “WallStreetBets” forum he created. Mania on the forum caused GameStop’s stock price to rise by 1,022 percent in a week last month before it declined by 90 percent. Some investors gained from the surge, while hedge funds including Citadel and Melvin lost millions betting the stock would fall.

Robinhood, a trading platform that works by sending customer orders to high-frequency
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