Fauci Says Task Force Not Tracking Teacher Covid Deaths, But Stands By CDC Guidelines to Reopen Schools, Prioritize Teacher Vaccinations

Dr. Anthony Fauci revealed that the Covid-19 task force is not tracking the deaths of teachers who have died from the coronavirus, when asked about his support for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines for reopening schools.

During a Wednesday press briefing with the White House Covid-19 task force, Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher asked Fauci if they have gathered any data on how many teachers have died from or have been hospitalized because of coronavirus-related illnesses.

“Have you done modeling for how many will die or be hospitalized under the various reopening scenarios?” Christopher pressed.

Fauci said he did not have that information, noting that he’s unsure if it’s even readily available.

CDC head Dr. Rochelle Walensky then added that most school instructional workers or
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