WATCH: Morning Joe’s Steve Rattner Argues Against Biden Covid Relief Plan Because ‘Most Americans Are Still Doing Pretty Well’

Morning Joe conducted a wealthy white panel discussion on the excesses of President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion Covid relief proposal that was capped off by Steve Rattner opining that the bill was too expensive when “most Americans are still doing pretty well.”

On Tuesday morning’s edition of the MSNBC morning news chat mainstay, host Joe Scarborough and his panel seemed acutely aware of the optics at play in opposing an immensely popular relief package, with Richard Haas even laughingly noting that he fully expects to be savaged on social media.

But that didn’t dissuade them from deriding Biden’s “American Rescue Plan” as “untargeted” and in need of paring down. And it was multimillionaire Rattner who capped off the segment by
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