Tucker Carlson Lashes Out at ‘Deafening’ Criticism of His Show, Network: ‘Fox News Is the Most Significant Hurdle’ to Media Uniformity

Fox News prime time host Tucker Carlson offered a long and impassioned defense of both his show and his network on Thursday night, repeatedly pushing back on what he labeled the “deafening” criticism coming from others in the media who have openly demanded accountability for Fox’s role in abetting Donald Trump’s false election fraud claims.

Carlson opened his show by mocking politically correct platitudes like “diversity is our strength” and “trans rights are human rights” as evidence of an overbearing uniformity in the country’s media and political discourse. And then he proudly pointed to his network as standing athwart all of that.

“Of all the impediments of achieving this goal of uniformity,” Carlson said, “which would include centuries of tradition, the First Amendment of
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