Trump Lawyer Bruce Castor Says The Quiet Part Out Loud in His Argument to Senators: No One Here is ‘Anxious to Have a Primary Challenge’

Donald Trump’s impeachment lawyer Bruce Castor pointed out that no Senators are “anxious to have a primary challenge” while defending the former president’s case — saying the quiet part out loud.

Castor was arguing that Trump was telling Jan. 6 rally goers that their representatives and senators have a duty to fight for them, adding that the former president encouraged voters to replace politicians who did not prioritize their constituents.

“Is it possible that his words could have been misunderstood? I suggest to you that is impossible,” Castor said of Trump’s rallying cries, adding, “The House Managers claim is that the President of the United States was telling the audience to get each other to physically fight. But that is not
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