GOP Senators React to ‘Horrific,’ ‘Riveting’ Video of Capitol Assault With Shock, Whataboutism, And No Changed Minds

The ostensible Republican jurors for former President Donald Trump’s insurrection incitement trial offered various reactions to the “horrific” and “riveting” videos of the Capitol assault they witnessed on Wednesday. But whether the GOP Senators expressed shock and horror or brushed it off with complaints about Black Lives Matter and Antifa unrest, the upshot was no discernible movement in the final vote count.

During the evening recess of the trial, CNN’s Congressional correspondent Manu Raju reported on his conversations with some of the Senate Republicans, gauging their response to the shocking new footage of the violence unleashed by the pro-Trump mob. Raju noted several rival themes in the responses, where some expressed legitimate horror and anger at Trump, others wanted to equate the
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